As of Aug. 1, this website will no longer be updated. CBC or this site are good alternatives. Thanks for following along!

COVID-19 in Canada

Full Timeline·Last 20 Days

Last updated: Jul. 31, 2020, 11:55pm EDT

About This Site

This is an interactive visualization of Canadian coronavirus data over time. It’s updated frequently each day.

I built this because I couldn’t find a simple, snappy Canadian COVID-19 timeline. You can help out or send suggestions:

Recent updates:

  • May 4: The timeline now starts at Feb. 29, instead of Jan. 25. With over 3 months of data, the graph was becoming too cluttered.
  • Mar. 29: Added percent increase to map.
  • Mar. 27: Added “Last 20 Days” option.
  • Mar. 25: Now showing active cases.
  • Mar. 24: Improved keyboard accessibility.
  • Mar. 22: Added logarithmic scale.

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Reading the Map

Tap or mouse over each region for details. Circles represent provinces and territories, not exact locations. Repatriated travellers include those returning from cruise ships.

Reading the Graph

Confirmed cases are shown in blue. This number is cumulative and will not go down. “Flattening the curve” refers to active cases, which are shown in yellow. Dotted lines indicate today’s data, which may not be final. The logarithmic scale is useful for seeing changes in the growth rate, and differences in the early numbers.