COVID-19 in Canada

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Last updated: Mar. 28, 2020, 10:00pm EDT
CBC: How to make sense of the number of COVID-19 cases in Quebec

About This Site

I couldn’t find a COVID-19 data visualization that showed Canadian stats over time in a simple, snappy way, so I built this. It uses D3.js, and is updated frequently each day.

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Recent updates:

  • Mar. 27: Added “Last 20 Days” option.
  • Mar. 26: New logo, plus a few fixes.
  • Mar. 25: Now showing active cases.
  • Mar. 24: Improved keyboard accessibility.
  • Mar. 23: New data graphed as dotted line.
  • Mar. 22: Added logarithmic scale.

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Data Sources

Recent data is compiled from official federal and provincial sources, CBC, and The Globe and Mail. Data older than Feb. 23 is from Johns Hopkins.

The map shows statistics for each province (the circles don’t indicate exact locations). More precise location data isn’t readily available for Canada. Repatriated travellers include those returning from cruise ships. The dotted line on the graph indicates today’s data, which may not be final.